Aluminum Chain Curtains – Chain Door Fly Screen Curtain

Hightop is a manufacturer and supplier of aluminum chain curtains. We can provide chain door fly screen curtain in various colors and sizes.

Aluminum chain curtain, also known as aluminium chain fly screen, is made of premium aluminum alloy with an anodized surface. Moreover, the anodizing treatment allows it to have various colors such as green, red, blue, black, and white. With its colorful appearance, a variety of design styles can be realized.

Aluminum chain curtain is suitable for many applications. It is not only used in homes as door fly curtains but also widely used in commercial applications such as decorative metal chain drapery. It is usually used as space divider, wall decoration, ceiling and lighting decoration in office buildings, restaurants, lobby, hotels, shopping malls, exhibition halls, concert hall, etc.

Features of Chain Door Fly Screen Curtain

  • Anodizing makes it have better corrosion resistance and wear resistance.
  • Bright colors. Various colors can adapt to more design styles.
  • Prevent flies, wasps and other flying insects.
  • Aluminum material is lightweight and easy to use
  • Both functionality and aesthetics

Applications of Aluminium Chain Fly Screen

  • Space separation
  • Fly curtain
  • Door curtain
  • Metal chain drapery

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