Metal Coil Drapery

Metal coil drapery is also called metal mesh drapery, usually made of stainless steel or aluminum, is a novel decorative metal curtain. The surface can be electropolished, electrophoresed, sprayed and anodized. Metal mesh drapery can keep the original color of the metal, and also can be sprayed into other colors to fit in with different architectural styles. Because of its dynamic metallic color, it delivers a new decorative style for buildings and spaces. Therefore, metal coil drapery is used as an ideal decorative element by more and more designers.

Metal mesh drapery is of the flexibility and fold-ability of decorative curtains, but also have a metallic luster. Moreover, it not only transmits air and light, but also has excellent rust resistance and fire resistance.

Metal Mesh Drapery Applications

  • Space divider: used in homes, offices, restaurants, hotels and lobby, etc.
  • Used for decoration: ceilings, wall decorations of hotels, exhibition hall, concert halls, etc.
  • Used as curtains: curtains, door curtains, shower curtains, etc.


  • Good ventilation and light diffusion.
  • Anti-ultraviolet and flame retardant.
  • A variety of colors, with aesthetic appeal.
  • Versatility.
  • Excellent rust resistance
  • Durability and flexibility.

Metal coil drapery Styles

wire mesh curtain

metal mesh curtains

stainless steel mesh curtain

metal coil drapery

Metal coil drapery Application

metal mesh curtains dividers

metal coil drapery

metal mesh curtain

wire mesh curtains

metal mesh drapery

metal mesh curtains

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