Chain Curtain Room Divider

While maintaining the privacy of the independent space, the chain room divider can also maintain the overall openness of the space and enhance the experience of the space. Moreover, it allows sunlight and fresh air in. As the change of the light and viewing angle, chain curtain room divider can show different results.

The chain room divider can retain its original metallic color or be customized into various bright colors to match your project design. It can make the open area less empty, making it more practical and interesting.

In the home applications, chain room dividers can define different parts of the hall, attic and living room. In the office buildings, it can be used to separate meeting rooms, reception rooms, or tea room. In the restaurant, the chain room divider can replace the door to divide some space, creating an independent dining space for customers. Not only allows customers to enjoy a relatively private dining environment, but also does not feel completely enclosed. In addition, under the reflection of light, it can create a unique dining atmosphere.

The chain curtain room divider can also be applied to more places, such as hotel lobby, theater, concert hall, exhibition hall, art center, etc.

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chain curtain room divider

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