Cascade Coil Shower Curtain

Cascade coil shower curtain also known as metal mesh shower curtain, is generally made of stainless steel or aluminum. Its unique metal color can add luxurious texture and brilliance to your bathroom. Like all ordinary shower curtains, it is very flexible and easy to pull to the side. The woven pattern of the metal shower curtain creates a sense of openness, but it also provides an element of privacy, just like a plastic shower curtain or frosted glass door does. It is an attractive alternative to traditional shower curtains or glass doors.

Cascade coil shower curtain absorbs heat from the steam, providing you with warmth and making you comfortable in the shower. The surface tension of the metal fabric will surprise you because it captures the water spray and leads the water to flow downwards. Unlike traditional shower curtains, it can also promote air circulation and keep the shower area dry, thereby inhibiting the growth of bacteria and mold.

Features of Metal Shower Curtains

  • Flexible aluminum wire will not tear
  • The material will not rust and fade away, and it is durable.
  • The mesh can promote air circulating and dry out after use, resisting the growth of bacteria and mold
  • Allow more light to enter the shower area and create a sense of openness
  • Aluminum absorbs heat from shower steam to keep the shower room comfortable and warm
  • It is a recyclable and environmentally friendly product.

cascade coil shower curtain

cascade coil shower curtain

metal mesh shower curtain

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